Hello Cynful Family! We are sad to announce that we had to close early today because of an unfortunate power outage. We will be open if/when the power issue is resolved. Thank you for your continued support. Happy Holidays

So Cynfully Delicious!

Cynful Bliss is a an online, boutique and mobile baker that specializes in alcohol-infused cupcakes, cakes, candies and other desserts. We also offer traditional non-alcoholic dessert options for any occasion. Allow us to get you blissed!

From Weddings, Bridal Showers, and Baby Showers to Birthday Parties and Fundraising events, Cynful Bliss can come up with the perfect items to sweeten any occasion! We are proud to now offer mobile events via our Cynful Bliss truck and fundraising options for schools, clubs, groups and organizations. 

Get Blissed!

Our 7 Deadly Cyns

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